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The Last King of Scotland, 2006

The Last King of Scotland
Directed by: Kevin MacDonald
Written by: Peter Morgan
Language:  English, French, German, Swahili
Country:  UK
Runtime:  121 min
MPAA Rating:  R
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IMDB 7.7

Profile of The Last King of Scotland

The mood of The Last King of Scotland is disturbing, captivating, and suspenseful. The plot centers around corrupt rulers, a conspiracy against humanity, and a head of state. It is a drama and historical movie. In approach, The Last King of Scotland is serious and realistic. The setting is Africa. It happens in the 20th century. The Last King of Scotland is based on a book. The movie is known for being an Oscar winner and critically acclaimed. Note that it includes sexual content.

Images and Clips

The Last King of Scotland (2006)
The Last King of Scotland


Forest Whitaker delivers a ferociously commanding performance as bloodthirsty Ugandan president Idi... more


Language: English, French, German, Swahili
Country: UK
Release date: 1 February 2007
Runtime: 121 min
Awards: Academy Awards


Forest Whitaker for Best Actor at the 2006 Academy Awards

Cast and Crew

James McAvoy James McAvoy As Dr. Nicholas Garrigan
Forest Whitaker Forest Whitaker As Idi Amin
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S E |
4 reviews | See All

Critics Reviews

Washington Post
Macdonald has a fetching feel for the continent, and the movie has a powerful sense of what Africa looks and feels like; you can almost smell it.
Full review
by: Stephen Hunter
San Francisco Chronicle
Unlike Sean Penn's demagogue in "All the King's Men," you're able to forget that Whitaker is acting. He embodies the role. When clips of the real Amin are shown at the end, it's almost shocking to realize the extent to which Whitaker has become him.
Full review
by: Ruthe Stein
13 reviews | See All

Users Reviews

Captivating, disturbing and well played, although it loses some of its effect when you learn post-viewing that it's just partially true story, with the main character of the Dr. being fictional (actually, this role should have been considered the...
02.February.2014 |  by: Ami Burg
Ami Burg rated this title
Reality strikes again
I cant help it. But no matter how you twist and bend on it, movies based on reality and not America are better. Kevin Macdonald steps half way out of his normal shoes to make a film that is amazing. You laugh, you cry you understand. This story is...
16.December.2011 |  by: Anders
Anders rated this title
Acting Brilliance
Adapted from the 1998 novel of the same name by Giles Foden, The Last King of Scotland views a period of the reign of Idi Amin through the eyes of his (fictional) Scottish personal physician Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy). Garrigan arrives in...
06.April.2011 |  by: muddyclay
muddyclay rated this title
Based on factual events, this movie is very good. I gave it a three because I thought it left off of some parts of the storyline. Constant themes in this movie are power, greed, corruption, love, and confusion. It's still a good movie and I learned...
03.December.2009 |  by: Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas rated this title
A throughly disappointing movie. Good acting but no story. Diction terrible. Sound terrible. Director and producers need to find another occupation.
17.June.2009 |  by: sam
sam rated this title
Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin....brilliant!! Seriously worth checking out, it is a pretty chilling story but very well directed and acted!
11.May.2009 |  by: mdellinger
mdellinger rated this title
Another film that lived up to all of its hype! What can I write that has not been said yet? Great all around cast and an amazing storyline that keeps you glued to your tv till the very end. Its nice to see a film receive alot of attention and...
22.March.2009 |  by: prozac pop
prozac pop rated this title
It's everything you've heard. Whitaker is amazing, the story is shocking and involving, the art direction blends in seamlessly with the action but is a superd work of art in it's own right. Everyone should see it. You might not love it like everyone...
20.March.2009 |  by: sethdellinger
sethdellinger rated this title
This is an amazing movie whenever Forest Whitaker is on screen, sadly there are other people in it. Essentially you have an amazing performance with a bland script poor direction and poor supporting performances. Whittaker's performance is good...
19.March.2009 |  by: Brad Cole
Brad Cole rated this title
"The Last King of Scotland" is well worth watching but it disappoints. Though very well acted, the film draws almost all its interest from the unusual story. But it is all plot and the human relationships between the protagonist and, first, the wife...
19.March.2009 |  by: Vic
Vic rated this title
A throughly disappointing movie. Good acting but no story. Diction terrible. Sound terrible. Director and producers need to find another occupation.
19.March.2009 |  by: sambisk
sambisk rated this title
Wonderful movie
I agree with Charlie. Great historical masterpiece with brilliant actors. This movie is wonderful.
28.July.2008 |  by: aprilbabe
aprilbabe rated this title
A masterpiece film
This is a very powerful film. The mix of the excellent script and amazing actors makes for a masterpiece. The performance of the actors is great, got completely swept up in the story. Don't miss this one!
28.July.2008 |  by: charlie212
charlie212 rated this title
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HBOSIG (503)
12:00AM | 04 Jun
HBOSG HD (503)
12:00AM | 04 Jun

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