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Pan's Labyrinth, 2006

Pan's Labyrinth
Directed by: Guillermo Del Toro
Written by: Guillermo Del Toro
Language:  Spanish
Country:  Spain, Mexico, USA
Runtime:  119 min
MPAA Rating:  R
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IMDB 8.3

Profile of Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth can be described as stylized, atmospheric, and captivating. The plot revolves around legends and myths, an imaginary kingdom, and young heroes. The main genres are drama, foreign, and fantasy. In terms of style, Pan's Labyrinth is surreal, is gothic, and is fairytale-like. In approach, it is fantastical and serious. It is set, at least in part, in the woods and in the mountains. Pan's Labyrinth is located in Spain. It takes place in the 20th century. The movie has received attention for being essential viewing, critically acclaimed, and an award winner. Note that Pan's Labyrinth involves profanity and violent content.

Images and Clips

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
Pan's Labyrinth


Written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, PAN'S LABYRINTH is a thrilling, violent fairy tale set in... more


Language: Spanish
Country: Spain, Mexico, USA
Release date: 19 January 2007
Runtime: 119 min
Awards: Academy Awards


Awarded Best Art Direction at the 2006 Academy Awards
Awarded Best Cinematography at the 2006 Academy Awards

Cast and Crew

Ivana Baquero Ivana Baquero As Ofelia
Sergi Lopez Sergi Lopez As Captain Vidal
Maribel Verdú Maribel Verdú As Mercedes
Ariadna Gil Ariadna Gil As Carmen Vidal
Doug Jones Doug Jones As Fauno / Pale Man
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Critics Reviews

Chicago Tribune
A brilliant work of the imagination capable of truly seizing and igniting our fantasies.
Full review
by: Michael Wilmington
San Francisco Chronicle
Visually stunning, it meshes haunting images with a complex multilevel story about the enchantment of youth.
Full review
by: Ruthe Stein
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Users Reviews

11.February.2015 |  by: JinniForTroy
JinniForTroy rated this title
24.January.2015 |  by: bhollow3
bhollow3 rated this title
Fantasy, deeply emotional.
26.July.2014 |  by: Tere
Tere rated this title
Not as good upon re-watch, because much of the power of this film lies in its ability to shock and second time around you come prepared for graphic violence in otherwise fairytale-like movie. One of the better movies mixing reality and fantasy with...
03.July.2014 |  by: chemical404
chemical404 rated this title
An old faery tale set in the modern age. A treat for children old and young alike.
24.June.2014 |  by: Boomer Gonzales
Boomer Gonzales rated this title
Simply one of the greatest fantasy films ever made.
30.May.2014 |  by: Evan Sweeney
Evan Sweeney rated this title
Beatiful, moving and magical. A dark fairy-tale/war movie that is bound to stay with you for long
15.March.2014 |  by: Anon
Anon rated this title
The 'Citizen Kane' of the Fantasy genre. Without question, the best film of 2006 and one that lives long in the memory. Emotionally captivating and stunningly beautiful. A perfect movie to sit back, relax and delve into.
04.January.2014 |  by: Theo
Theo rated this title
A beautiful and artistic movie. One of the best stories ever told on a screen.
20.December.2013 |  by: Zack Williams
Zack Williams rated this title
At last....
..a film that does not treat fantasy as an excuse to show a lot of orcs, creatures a la Lord of the Rings. The fantasy is integral to the story which is both disturbing and uplifting. A masterpiece.
23.January.2013 |  by: Dr.acula
Dr.acula rated this title
Hauntingly Beautiful
This movie is a beautiful mix of the fantastic and the grimly real. It takes place just after the Spanish civil war, and weaves together two plots--the war and the fantasy--effortlessly. This is a fairy tale for adults. There's plenty of gore, so...
11.May.2012 |  by: Maggie
Maggie rated this title
awsum movie
Great acting, a must see movie
18.March.2012 |  by: Jonni Hayes
Jonni Hayes rated this title
Pan's Labyrinth
I get shivers every time I watch this film, it's so good. There's some pretty brutal scenes, so it's not for children, but if you have any affection for a good old-fashioned fairy tale, you need to see this movie and see it now.
06.March.2012 |  by: bbardot
bbardot rated this title
Clearly one of the best movies I've ever watched, it is a truly deep, captivating fairytale, heartbreaking drama, with high religious meaning.
02.March.2012 |  by: Alberto
Alberto rated this title
Loved it
I really liked the movie, the way it uses a young girl, who people would normally perceive as innocent to explore the dark and bleak themes surrounding the war really pulled me in. I also loved how the different layers of the story and multiple...
13.July.2011 |  by: Ielserafy
Ielserafy rated this title
A dark & disturbing view of life in WWII Spain intermixed with the equally dark & disturbing fantasy world of a little girl. Although most of this film could almost be called "girly" with somewhat mushy scenes revolving around a young girl, its R...
20.January.2011 |  by: chrissnave
chrissnave rated this title
CONTAINS A SPOILER.....I tried very hard to try and find something that I liked about this film. I could not. It was dark and depressing beyond any movie that I have seen recently. Why the heroine was shot and killed in the movie I guess I will...
10.January.2011 |  by: Netflowers
Netflowers rated this title
One of my "go to" movies
The easiest way to sum this movie up is simple, it's an Adult Fairytale. The characters are deep, the cinematography is beautiful and the story is superb. Some of my favorite aspects of the movie is the color grading and lighting used to set...
25.April.2010 |  by: austin
austin rated this title
Amazing visuals and a completely captivating story, easily the best movie I've ever seen. Don't let the sub-titles prevent you from seeing it.
11.April.2010 |  by: Shane
Shane rated this title
Draws you in
I really liked this movie. It was disturbing, emotional, dark, and yet hopeful. The suspense built through many scenes.
10.December.2009 |  by: leogodin217
leogodin217 rated this title
mmm... didn't find this movie as a great one... definitely should not have been in the top 5 list for best movie in the Oscars (and definitely Almodovar's Volver is way better).
13.May.2009 |  by: fiomaravilha
fiomaravilha rated this title
I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. Guillermo always produces attractive looking movies and this one doesn't fail to deliver. It is definitely a R rated movie and is not in any way a movie for children as there is some very graphic violence. With that...
30.March.2009 |  by: Parker in MN
Parker in MN rated this title
I found this movie enjoyable on two levels, it was dark and macabre. I rated the movie 4 stars due to its lack of content in the fantasy elements. The title is Pan's Labyrinth after all... Not El Capitan, whose story dominated. Ivana Baquero's (10yr...
25.March.2009 |  by: Jon
Jon rated this title
Well you can read any review here you want to but I just watch this movie on May 20th of 07. All the hype has passed and I sat to watch this well review film. I really liked it alot but I wish we saw a little more of the fantasy world that was so...
22.March.2009 |  by: prozac pop
prozac pop rated this title
Perhaps a bit grosser than it needed to be, this decidedly adult fairy tale was nevertheless a riveting tale that contained some unforgettable imagery and one of the most despicable villains in film history. Set just after the Spanish Civil War, the...
21.March.2009 |  by: coolerking
coolerking rated this title
A tremendous film that is everything you've heard it is, but is prevented from being perfect by some tension that is built but never brought to full fruition. There are moments that could be absolutely terrifying, but stop short of truly achieving...
20.March.2009 |  by: sethdellinger
sethdellinger rated this title
For once, "Pan's Labyrinth" is a movie that lives up to all the high praise it has garnered. It's one of the most imaginative films you're likely to see, ever. If you've heard that the movie is an allegory of the Spanish Civil War, don't worry; all...
19.March.2009 |  by: Vic
Vic rated this title
pan's labyrinth
As a fan of fantasy and magic realism in cinema, I had great expectations when coming to see this movie. in one way i was indeed quite satisfied - it is breathtakingly beautiful, the artistic design is worthy of praise. but i must admit that i found...
28.October.2008 |  by: noats7
noats7 rated this title
Loved it (I think)
I'm still not quite sure how I feel about this movie, but not in a bad way. it just so... different. I think it's some kind of a masterpiece, and definitely not for children- I'd probably had nightmares for weeks if I watched it as a kid. anyway you...
30.August.2008 |  by: Noa
Noa rated this title
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