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Powered by the Entertainment Genome™ Jinni makes video guides smarter. Our semantic engine is designed to increase consumption, improve consumer loyalty and help our customers differentiate from the competition by offering a unique discovery experience. It's easy to claim a video or TV service is 'personalized', but users are not easily fooled. Deliver what you promised with truly personalized recommendations based on each user's Entertainment Personality. UI is only as good as the underlying data. Your guide is beautiful, but users want more than just a pretty face. Jinni's Entertainment Genome™ is the brains behind your beautiful interface that will elevate the user's experience to the next level.
 It's time for viewers to look for entertainment any way that suits their mood. They shoud be able to easily search, browse, or get personal recommendations with the help and comfort of a guide that knows their Entertainment Personality. All these tools should and could be at their disposal.

Yosi Glick, Co-Founder & CEO Jinni


Jinni's semantic algorithms that match content to users unique tastes, have been setting the direction for the next generation of content discovery & recommendations for the industry over the past 7 years.


We love TV shows & movies and took the time to understand everything there is to know about them. So we put together a team of film and TV buffs, psychologists, media experts who love to argue about shows and movies.


A taxonomy of thousands of descriptive tags created to analyze & understand movie & TV content. Jinni's proprietary algorithms automatically analyze all available descriptions, reviews & meta-data to assign as many as 40-60 tags per content title.


We've brought together teams of data scientists who've constructed a language to translate peoples entertainment viewing habits into discrete tastes and connect the dots between all their favorite titles.


What can your entertainment tastes tell you about yourself? We call this The Entertainment Personality - a complex constellation of likes and dislikes, choices and reflexes that shape your experiences of entertainment.


By comparing your Entertainment Personality and the genes of all the titles in our catalog, Jinni can provide both personal content recommendations and taste based user targeting for entertainment advertising.