Jinni not only understands the most subtle differences in TV and movie entertainment content but unequivocally understands individual's unique entertainment tastes! For the past seven years the company has been providing a robust discovery service to pay TV and OTT providers. and is also offering a targeted taste-based entertainment advertising solution. Jinni lets you find the most suitable entertainment, alleviating the burden of endless channel zapping, disappointing catalog searches and also by enabling the right on-line entertainment ads to be delivered to entertainment lovers, avoiding disappointment when going to the movie theater. We believe everyone should be able to easily find and watch that perfect show whenever they want to.

So out with the old and in with the new! Enter the age of the Entertainment Genome™. At Jinni we analyze the vast library of available titles and automatically assign them dozens of rich, semantic 'gene' tags. We also learn about your personal tastes with the same precision to understand your Entertainment Personality. By matching the content to your tastes, we can accurately know if you'll love or hate each movie or TV show. This enables us to make remarkable personalized recommendations we know you'll enjoy. What's more, Jinni can even match your tastes with those of friends and family; solving the age old struggle over who controls the remote control. The next time you want to kick back and be entertained, you can get straight to it, knowing that somebody has taken the time to understand what and you like seeing.


We love TV shows & movies and took the time to understand everything there is to know about them. So we put together a team of film buffs, psychologists, media experts who love to argue about shows and movies.


A taxonomy of thousands of descriptive tags created to analyze & understand movie & TV content. Jinni's proprietary algorithms automatically analyze all available descriptions, reviews & meta-data to assign as many as 40-60 tags per content title.


We've brought together teams of data scientists who've constructed a language to translate peoples entertainment viewing habits into discrete tastes and connect the dots between all their favorite titles.


What can your entertainment tastes tell you about yourself? We call this The Entertainment Personality - a complex constellation of likes and dislikes, choices and reflexes that shape your experiences of entertainment.


By comparing your Entertainment Personality and the genes of all the titles in our catalog, Jinni can provide both personal content recommendations and taste based user targeting for entertainment advertising.


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Izik Ben-Zaken
Mori Rimon
Roi Ophir
Rami Zilberstein
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